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Levitra is a new impotence drug that treats male erectile dysfunction, ED. According to a recent news release by Bayer/GSK, ninety percent (90%) of men reported improved erections. Each Levitra pill may work in as quickly as 25 minutes and may work for up to 24 hours.

Levitra is the brand-name for vardenafil, a new tablet-based oral treatment
for erectile dysfunction (ED), which is licensed in the UK
and other countries. It has proved highly
successful in clinical trials and is generating major interest as a real help for men with ED.

This is a new oral PDE-5 inhibitor for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction
(ED). Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-%) is the predominate enzyme found in human
penile erectile tissue and is associated with erections. PDE-5 inhibitors such
as Levitra typically work by blocking this enzyme to enhance or prolong the
erectile process.

Specialty Nutrition and Health LLC

Specialty Nutrition and Health is a Dietitian practice group committed to working with you to help you achieve your individual health and nutrition goals. We are located in the North Richmond/Glen Allen Virginia area. As Registered Dietitians we work with your specific nutrition concerns and empower you to adopt healthy new eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits. We create individualized plans that take into account your specific needs—including food preferences, exercise habits, work schedule, family demands, medical history and other lifestyle factors that affect your nutrition goals.

Our approach to nutrition, healthy living and diabetes self management involves making gradual, realistic changes to your eating and exercise habits so that  your new habits become routine. We take a realistic and honest approach to all of your nutrition  and health concerns.

Our specialty areas include diabetes nutrition and self management training, child and adult weight management, sports nutrition, food allergies, cardiovascular disease, vegetarian nutrition, and eating disorders.

Our Telegraph Road office has relocated– Just minutes away. Conveniently located just off Interstate 95 at the Atlee/Elmont exit.    

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  • Health and Medical Coverage
  • Retirement/401k
  • Employees receive a competitive salary for their assigned positions
    according to their responsibilities, education, experience and skill.
    In addition, eligible employees may receive a merit increase each
  • Semi-annual bonuses are discretionary for eligible employees and
    are based on year-to-date earnings.
  • Employees are paid on the last working day of the month via direct
    deposit into their specified accounts.
  • Employees receive up to 10% bonus based on company and personal
    employee performance.
  • Stock Options
  • 11 scheduled paid holidays per year and one floating holiday.
  • Up to 15 days of vacation per year, which is prorated the first
    year dependent upon their start date. After ten years of
    full-time service, full-time employees receive up to 20 days of
    vacation per year.
  • Paid leave for occasional full- and partial-day absences from
    work due to personal or family illness, medical emergencies or
    other situations.
  • Paid leave for jury duty and military leave.
  • Flexible work schedules outside of regular business hours are
    available with the approval of management.
  • After one year of continuous service, full-time employees can
    apply for enrollment of their children at a SAS child care center.
    Slots are filled based on service with the company.
  • Our Adoption Assistance Plan is available to full-time employees
    and provides some financial assistance and paid leave for the adoption
    of children.
  • Training and Development
  • Participation in SAS on-site training in software skills, product
    knowledge, professional development, leadership skills and management
    skills is available.
  • We do not have a tuition reimbursement program.
  • Recreation and Fitness
  • The Cary Recreation and Fitness Center on SAS’ Cary campus is
    available at no cost to all employees and their eligible dependents.
  • Voluntary Programs
  • Voluntary programs are available at group rates for full-time
    employees. These programs include Group Automobile, Homeowner’s
    and Renter’s Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Group Term Life
    Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts. These programs are fully
    funded by the employee.

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Hormones and a cell receptor in the kidneys may explain why premenopausal women have fewer problems than men with salt-sensitive hypertension, a new study says.

Anti Viral

Antiviral medicines are generally given to people who are more likely to become seriously ill or develop complications from chickenpox.

Types Of Hypertension

New research from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has found that an alternative therapy may be possible for treating some types of hypertension using an enzyme called ACE2.


Microdermabrasion using a coarse diamond-studded instrument appears to induce molecular changes in the skin of older adults that mimic the way skin is remodeled during the wound healing process…

Skin Protection

All makeup should be removed before bed each evening. There are a countless number of products for cleaning your skin, with different formulas for each skin type. Unless you use heavy makeup, it’s easiest to pick a cleanser that also removes makeup. Another option is to just use makeup remover or oil on eye makeup, as foundations and blushers usually come off easily with most regular cleansers.

Sufferin Coffee – Wacky Packages 16th Series 1976 1977 Doctor Nests

— 30 Titles & Puzzle Hard to Find Titles Scoot
(without copyright)
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Overly Abundant Titles Scoot (with
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Garbage Candy
Click images for larger
  “ 16th Series &  

Garbage Candy Puzzle

Series Checklist



Scoot Mouthwash was printed ” and ”
the Topps copyright line.

Dropped Titles

16th Series Uncut Sticker Sheet
Sticker Sheet
16th Series Uncut Checklist Sheet
Sheet #3-495-43-01-7
Topps 16th
Series Wrapper
16th Series
Display Box
Display Box
16th Series
Shipping Case
Shipping Case
Click images for larger

Zanne Health Massage || Services: Swedish Massage

Also called circulatory massage, swedish massage gently promotes the activation of the body’s circulatory, lymph and endocrine systems. In
swedish massage, the practitioner uses oils or lotions and includes gliding strokes over the back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck, shoulders and
head. The smooth gliding motion assists your body as it brings nutrients to your cells, and clears toxins through the movement of lymph.

Swedish massage boosts endorphin production and the immune system resulting in not only the “I feel good” sensation, but also a stronger
ability to redirect illness. In addition, this massage will directly affect the systems that govern heart rate, blood pressure, respiration
and digestion, relaxing your muscles, healing and resting all elements of your body.

30 Minutes – $40
45 Minutes – $50
60 Minutes – $70
90 Minutes – $95
120 Minutes – $115

If you’ve never experienced the calm that comes with a Reiki session, ask to add 15 minutes free to the end of your massage!

Click on the link below to download an Intake Form.
| ” |

Malpractice Premiums: How They Affect A Physician’s Job Outlook

People are on edge about the sharp rise in malpractice insurance premiums. Many physicians have limited their clinical services or have even relocated to more equitable practice environments. Because of this, physicians in crisis states are concerned about whether to remain where they are or perhaps consider a move to a non-crisis state offering lower malpractice rates. “

People are on edge about the sharp rise in malpractice insurance premiums. Many physicians have limited their clinical services or have even relocated to more equitable practice environments. Because of this, some hospitals in crisis states are concerned about overcoming physician recruitment obstacles and remaining competitive with other hospitals in non-crisis states. “

Crushing costs for medical malpractice insurance are driving physicians from the state and discouraging others from taking their place. “

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