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Mammograms Every Other Year OK for Women Over 50: Study
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Shands Hospital for Children activity room named for renowned pediatric neurologist
Rollerblading for Strength
Woman is allergic to sex with husband
Tips You Must Know to Become a Personal Trainer – A Successful One
Antibody evolution could guide HIV vaccine development
Indiana University Bloomington names Outstanding Junior Faculty
Genetic anomaly linked to Alzheimer’s disease
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Poised Polished Pollianna Moss Wins 2013 IFBB Battle on The Beach Bikini
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What Did You Expect? Coca-Colas Newest Anti-Obesity Ad Blames Chairs, Not Coke.
How Global Warming Is Making Allergies Worse
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Indiana University programs highly ranked in U.S. News Best Graduate Schools
It’s All About Core
Toddler functionally cured of HIV infection, NIH-supported investigators report
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Royalty, Bond and a Ball – National Jewish Health Pulls It All Together for Benefit Gala
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Chemicals in Cookware, Carpets May Raise Arthritis Risk in Women
Chip in for Youth
Good and Bad Ways to Lose Weight
Triumph the Insult Rabbi Dog?
Blood cell test for HIV treatment monitoring is cheaper but just as effective
Breath of Fire
Tadpole’s tail holds lessons for healing
Block on graphic warnings upheld
Expert: Sport and food connection too strong to ignore
NIH Told to Retire Most Research Chimps
The Virus Hunter: Erica Ollmann Saphire takes on deadly threats
Immunotherapy Reduces Allergic Patients’ Sensitivity to Peanuts
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Indiana University stories to kick off series debut from Big Ten Network
Hard Palate
Urban Legend: Can City Planning Shed Its Pseudoscientific Stigma?
Study: Insomnia takes toll on tinnitus patients
Personal Best: QA With Julianne Hough
A Winter’s Evening Gala in Manhattan Raises .5 million for National Jewish Health
IU nutritional epidemiologist receives NIH grant for research in the stroke belt
Fighting sleeping sickness with X-ray lasers
‘Trailblazers’ in training
Can Diet Supplements Compensate for a Bad Diet?
Kinsey research: Postpartum women less stressed by threats unrelated to the baby
U.S. kids getting recommended amount of sleep: study
Virtues of the Virtual Autopsy
New York Real Estate and Construction Industries Support National Jewish Health at 43rd Annual Event on Dec. 8
What Baby Needs from a Blanket
UF Running Medicine Clinic to host conference
How to Pick Good Quality Diet Supplements?
Media advisory: Naming ceremonies Thursday and Friday for IUs two schools of public health
HIV and AIDS preventionProgress and the challenges ahead
MRI scans show how sleep loss affects the ability to choose proper foods
Some considerations for choosing fitness supplements
QA With Sarah Silverman
Transplanted Nuclei and Cell Differentiation, by Sir John B. Gurdon
Benefits of age
IU researchers discuss fresh food access, sex and IVF, smoke-free workplaces and more at APHA
Being Flexible for Baby
New Target Discovered for Treatment of Peanut Allergy
Tee Up for a Cure to Fight Women’s Cancer on Nov. 2
How to Fit Workouts into your Schedule?
Sleep-deprived bees have difficulty relearning
How immune cells defend themselves against HIV
Are Phage Viruses the Forgotten Cure for Superbugs? [Excerpt]
Top 10 Safest Most Dangerous Cities to Drive In
NIH grant to fund novel approach to reducing chlamydia rates in women
Preventing SIDS
Patients with Mild and Moderate Asthma May Not Need Daily Steroids
Radiothon raises more than 0,000 for Shands Hospital for Children at UF
Shed Flab for Good
Half of women may have sleep apnea: study
Pass on antibacterials
Personal Trainer, ca. 515 BC
Why Do I Forget Things?
Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleep Sacks
Twenty-two National Jewish Health Physicians Named Denver’s Top Doctors
Annual Indiana youth survey: Upward trend of marijuana use stalls, OTC drug use a concern
Lose weight within a week
Efficacy of Herbal Remedies for Managing Insomnia
A special inspiration
Summer colds
Tips on performing abs workouts correctly
Natural HIV control may rely on sequence of T cell receptor protein
Health Reform: No-Cost Contraception Starts Today
A Voice Worth Listening To
4D ultrasound scanning makes pregnancy pleasant, enjoyable and safe
Readers Respond to A Man-Made Contagion and Other Articles
Keep Calm and Sleep On
Parents Can Increase Children’s Activity by Increasing Their Own
IU sexual health expert invited to China to share textbook, insights into sex education
College of Medicine sets new promotion, tenure guidelines
Raspberry Ketones Max Weight Loss Pill Review
Police need sleep for health, performance
Allergies and vegetarianism
Kyra Sedgwick on Work, Family, and Empty Nests
Tomorrows Medicine (preview)
Training with the Brakes Off
IU study: Young adult ACA mandate had remarkable impact on extending parental employer coverage
National Jewish Health Kunsberg Classic Features Dinner at Shanahan’s and Golf at The Sanctuary
How Gas Interferes with Baby Sleep
More than a famous name
When Snoring Is More Than a Bad Soundtrack
The Nutrisystem Diet
NIH scientists identify new HIV-inhibiting protein
Yogurt making
Get Fired Up, Burn More Fat
CT Scans, Other Imaging Tests Becoming More Common
Put Your Creative Brain to Work (preview)
Overcoming Major Breastfeeding Challenges
IU research at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting
Del Archuleta and Gov. Garrey Carruthers Honored at Dinner Benefiting National Jewish Health
Graying America gets wired to cut healthcare costs
Which diet plan is best for you?
Former Gator basketball star to host youth camp
Fimbriated Fold Pain
5 Things You Must Do to Create a Friendly Dental Office
Menopause: Smokers Have More Hot Flashes
Consistency with meds
Biopsies Found to Provide Only a Snapshot of Tumor Diversity
Checking Baby’s Breathing
Trial Combines Biomarkers and Imaging Seeks to Detect Lung Cancer
Learning to Improvise
Cut Gum
Sleep linked to heart woes
Emerging HIV epidemics in men who have sex with men in the Middle East and North Africa
E-Cig Related Money Making Opportunities
Health Reform Faces Intense Supreme Court Scrutiny
Vote in Dear Doctor’s Celebrity Smile Madness Sweepstakes
Can Too Much Information Harm Patients? [Excerpt]
Book review
Understanding Shaken Baby Syndrome
Ninth Annual Hoops Hoopla at Sports Authority Field at Mile High to Benefit Kunsberg School
Sugar Free, Does It Work?
Basics of a Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes
Hand washing pioneer
The Cure for (Almost) Everything
Timmy Global Health founder to speak at HPER as Marian Godeke Miller lecturer
Natural killer cells participate in immune response against HIV
Potassium Nitrate and Male Sexual Libido
Brain Injury Rate 7 Times Greater among U.S. Prisoners
What Turns Men On? Surprising Things He Likes
Why Do We Sleep?
Joseph Pollicino, Jr., to Receive National Jewish Health Humanitarian Award at 35th Annual Financial Industries Dinner
How an Electronic Cigarette Works
How to Hire Great Dental Staff: Part I
Preventing sinusitis
How Much Should You Lose A Week On Phen 375?
Commonly used vitamin could help produce ‘good’ cholesterol, UF researchers find
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Saliva HIV test passes the grade
One Side of Pallet Burning - Why?
Could Public Health Benefits Make Combating Climate Change Free?
Super Bowl media tips from Indiana University
Women May Feel More Pain Than Men
Loud hospital rooms linked to poor patient sleep
Ninth Annual Hoops Hoopla to Benefit Kunsberg School for Chronically Ill Children
When Your Baby’s Breathing Pauses During Sleep
Right To Bare Legs Does it Work
A 5K for healing
How to Prepare Your Practice for 2012
Gladstone scientists identify human proteins that may fuel HIV/AIDS transmission
Lump Inside Tongue
Flu or cold?
Was Jane Austen Poisoned by Arsenic? Science May Soon Find Out
Why Am I So Tired? 7 Causes of Fatigue
Parkourical Musings
IU professor: Parents should talk to their kids about sexual assault
Over .7 Million Pledged for Lung Cancer Research by New York Real Estate and Construction Industry Leaders
Seven Steps to Swaddling
Health Benefits of Cherries
Assisted Living Facilities – Catering Needs and Desires
“Blue Circle” winners
Babies sleep better following afternoon vaccines
Great Holiday Deals on Top Dental Care Products
Open Wide Please
Scientists determine how antibody recognizes key sugars on HIV surface
Winter sneezing, wheezing
Phlebotomy classes: an in-depth guide
Some Kotex Tampons Recalled Due to Infection Risk
Calendar: MIND Events in November and December
Sleeping Like a Baby
Lipid Blocks Influenza Infection
Update from the Fitness Guy
In tribute to Myles Brand, CLEAR fellow will lecture on end-of-life care
Wen Hair Care Reviews
Early HIV treatment dramatically increases survival in patients co-infected with tuberculosis
Loss of Taste
Lack of sleep may lead to weight gain in teens
Christina Hendricks on Loving Your Body
How the Hippies Saved Physics [Excerpt]
Scheduling Tips from a Top Dental Office Manager
Fall allergies
Kunsberg School Efforts in Nutrition and Exercise to be Recognized at White House Celebration
Sleep Strategies for Exhausted Parents
New HIV vaccine approach targets desirable immune cells
How To Get Rid of Bloating Fast
Incomplete coverage vs. unexpected costs: Economists point out dilemma in Affordable Care Act
Noted clinical scientist to lead UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville
Low Skill, High Effort, Bad Idea?
Tongue Sensation
How E-mail Marketing Helps Dentists Retain Patients
Sleep switch found in fruit flies
Aspen Bella Sera on Aug. 9 Raises More than 8,000 for National Jewish Health
New Report Details Uphill Battle to Solve the U.S.s Pain Problem
Cranberries vs. Antibiotics for Bladder Infections
The Ultimate Workout on the Go
5 Simple Tips to a Healthy Diet
Kampmann Exclusive: If I Called Diego a b*$# He Probably Had It Coming
Speaker creates buzz over bee venom as medical treatment
Fedor’s Last Stand
Gym Music Playlist of the Week: The Meditation Mix
Cancer-causing mineral discovered in US road gravel
Exercise to Boost Your Mental Health
Jumping back in time for fun fitness
How Arabella Weir made peace with her body
Sam Stout Speaking Out Against Bullying
Chemists in four states to down shutters Aug 1
Learning to Eat Better with My Body Tutor [Win 1 Month Free!]
Meet Biggest Loser’s Dolvett Quince
Impressive Planking Requires Extreme Core Strength
Paddleboard yoga: Zen on the waves
The latest salt story should be taken with a seasoning of reason
A Tribute to Jack LaLanne
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Gym Music Playlist of the Week: The Blues Workout Mix
Keys to Long Life Found on Tiny Greek Island
Less-informed voters ‘likelier to be influenced by candidates’ looks’
Ride like the wind
Give bingo wings the big heave-ho
Mark Hominick Training Video
Sign Up Now for September 2011 Marathons
MMA Hammer Workout
Mountain Bike Must Haves
Use Common Sense for Health Goals
Just 2 glasses of wine daily ‘up risk of breast cancer death’
Dark disorder that preys on perfection
The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert Stays in Shape with Dance
Bad news for the health police being fat could save your life
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3 hrs in the sun daily can help slash breast cancer by 50 pc
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Getting fit doesnt cost a fortune
Take (At Least!) 5 Minutes for Stretching
Flying wind turbines can provide 100 times more power than globally used
Healthy bacteria could prevent obesity
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Turmeric makes head, neck cancer treatment more effective
Amateur astronomer captures the entire night sky in 37,440 exposures!
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Beginner Jiu-Jitsu
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Get Fit with the Power 90 Family
Ancient marsupials lived in large packs
Toddlers given milk at bedtime likelier to become obese
Want to Lose Weight? Choose Healthy Snacks
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Insanity Asylum Review: Game Day
ESP-XC Foam Rolling
Brain regions can briefly go ‘off-line’ even while awake, causing errors
Workout Recovery, Replenish Restore
Exercising While on Vacation
ESP-XC TRX Complex
Use of iPads, iPhones ‘affects our privacy’
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10 yrs in a desk job can double bowel cancer risk even if you go to the gym!
Get the Most Out of Your Treadmill Workout
The Right Shoes
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Insanity Asylum Available NOW!
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Earliest rocks in solar system ‘looked more like candy floss’
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Rich, young women ‘more prone to melanoma’
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Scientists find molecular switch that controls skin growth