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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. Following the birth of a child, new mothers may have an altered perception of stresses around them, showing less interest in threats unrelated to the baby. This change to the neuroendocrine circuitry could help the mothers adapt to the additional stress often accompanying newborns, say researchers from Indiana Universitys Kinsey Institute and the University of Zurich.

When viewing disturbing images during the study, postpartum women reported less distress and demonstrated less activity in their amygdala, the part of the brain that controls emotional response, than nulliparous, or childless, women, according to functional magnetic resonance imaging.

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Children in the U.S. appear to be getting as much shut-eye as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends, according to a new study.

We cant say this is the amount that they should be sleeping, said Jessica Williams, the lead author of the study and a graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles.

All we could really do is compare our estimated norms with what is recommended, and it seems like it falls pretty well in line with the recommendations, she told Reuters Health.

Williams and her colleagues point out in their study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, that there has been concern that U.S.

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INDIANAPOLIS and BLOOMINGTON, Ind. The Indiana University Public Health Initiative is conducting naming ceremonies this week in Indianapolis and Bloomington for IUs two new schools of public health the only such schools in Indiana.

Indiana Universitys two new schools of public health will allow us to more effectively mobilize the great breadth and depth of expertise that exists within the university to address public health problems that impact the state of Indiana and its citizens, said IU President Michael A. McRobbie, who will preside over both ceremonies.

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MRI scans from a study being presented today at SLEEP 2012 reveal how sleep deprivation impairs the higher-order regions in the human brain where food choices are made, possibly helping explain the link between sleep loss and obesity that previous research has uncovered.

Twenty-three healthy adults participated in two sessions using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), one after a normal nights sleep and a second after a night of sleep deprivation. In both sessions, participants rated how much they wanted various food items shown to them while they were inside the scanner.

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