Being a famous country star has its perks and privileges, but the downside is that you can be scrutinized down to the very last detail. Musicians, just like Hollywood actors, are called out even for the slightest fluctuation in their weight.

It used to be that country troubadours looked were run-of-the-mill, working-class, salt of the earth, whatever-folksy-description-you-want-to-use. These days, image is just as important as talent.

Whether its for his image or a passion for staying in shape, Kenny Chesney is one of the fittest people in the music business. There is no denying his hard-fought trip to the top of the music business is exemplified in his dedication to .

Chesney says that staying in top form is his way of making sure he gives his fans the best experience possible during his live shows. Since hes grossed about $500 million in the last decade, his fans apparently approve.

As someone who spends weeks, if not months, on the road, Kenny Chesney knows what its like to be pressed for time. Here are some the things he does to be creative when life and all its complications get in the way:

One of the challenges Chesney likes to do is starting push-ups at, say, 10 reps. Do those, then rest 10 seconds. After that do nine reps, and rest for nine seconds… and so on. It may not sound like much, but its pretty tough, so you may need to start with a lower number.

An intense workout is the best way to lose the distractions. If you ever find your mind wandering towards things you would rather be doing, try some intense . This way you will be so wrapped up in the workout, its all you will be thinking about. Chesney likes to do the and immediately go to a steep incline of 10 and sprint for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds (presumably walking at a slow pace). He repeats this nine more times.

This is my favorite health philosophy. No, not because its an excuse to eat pizza, though thats certainly great. Its just that when people try to lose weight, they often fail because they beat themselves up thinking its an all-or-nothing deal.

Kenny Chesney uses Sunday as his “cheat day.” Pick which day works for you, but always leave room for your favorite indulgences. And even if you slip up now and again, just get back up on your horse and dont feel guilty.

If youre pressed for time or are looking for new and creative ways to stay in shape, here are a few more articles to get you outside in the beautiful summer weather:

(If you want to learn more about Kenny Chesneys advanced style of fitness, check out .)

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