This week were going to do something a little different in our workout mix. In reality, its not a workout mix at all. This time were going to address an aspect of our health that gets the least attention: our mental health.

While we need to do cardio and exercises for our physical health, we also need to take time to relax and maybe even meditate. There have been plenty of studies that back the health benefits of meditation (and considering the fact that my 5-year-old daughter is currently throwing a temper tantrum in the other room, I may need a little time for it after I finish writing).

Meditation has been shown to do everything from lowering stress and anxiety levels to enhancing the immune system and normalizing levels.

The following is a mix of ambient music and atmospheric jazz that will let you get lost in the soundscapes and hopefully leave you more grounded and ready to take on the stresses of everyday life.

Click image to download!

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