As one of the most famous personal trainers in the world, when talks about fitness and weight loss, people listen. Jillian recently left the hit TV show after 11 seasons of helping dozens of contestants drop thousands of pounds. Although her fame came from being a tough trainer on the show who doesn’t mince words, Jillian is also famous for getting results.

Now that she has , many of her fans are wondering what’s next for this fitness guru. recently interviewed Jillian to discuss her upcoming projects, why she left The Biggest Loser and her personal exercise philosophy.

As can be expected with Jillian, she spoke frankly about following her gut and how she had to leave The Biggest Loser because the job no longer made her happy. Jillian didn’t believe she was living up to her full potential and wants to focus on her personal legacy.

Jillian discussed the pressure she feels to be in perfect shape as a trainer that’s constantly in the public eye, and how that pressure fuels her to stay on track with her workouts.

Some highlights from the interview:

Check out more of Jillian’s interview at Fitness Magazine.


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