“I couldn’t workout out last week; I was on a business trip. The hotel didn’t have a gym!” I’ve heard it a thousand times from my clients and friends—an excuse to get off track and break the exercise habit.

I consider the single, best exercise you can do. They work your muscles from head to toe. If they are tough for you, you can modify them by either elevating your hands on a bed, dresser, step, etc. or do the push-up on your knees.

Wall sits are a great leg workout. Always make sure your knees are behind your toes to avoid injury to the knees. Challenge yourself to a certain amount of seconds. If you are new at this, try to hold the sit for 30 seconds. If you have strong legs, challenge yourself to a two minute wall-sit. Do it two or three times.

Tricep Dip

Using a chair in your hotel room, perform a tricep dip (see photo). A dip can be modified by bending your legs until you have enough strength to straighten them.

The easiest way to do cardio while on travel is to pack your running shoes and go for a walk or run each day. However, sometimes you just don’t feel safe wandering around a strange place on your own. Here are a few suggestions for exercises you can do right at the hotel—maybe even in your room.

Find a step, curb or bench. Place on foot on the elevated surface and the other on the ground. Using the power in the elevated leg, push your body up into a knee-up position. Do a few sets on each side.

Have you heard of a ? I can hear the groans, but they are great exercise. See how many you can do!

Finally, treat yourself to a nice stretch after your workout.

If you keep up your, you will have more energy. Plus, you’ll be ready to get right back into your routine when you return.

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