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Insanity Asylum Review: Game Day

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So youve been training with Shaun T for the last 10 days, your diet has been dialed in, you took the day off yesterday, and now its time for your first big GAME.  Todays Insanity Asylum Review is all about Game Day!

Are you in it to WIN it?

This is actually a FUN workout.  Its crazy hard, but its actually fun to go through.  Shaun T is very motivating, and makes the experience as if you were in an actual game.  Whatever sport you are playing, or set of drills, he puts you in the GAME.  In the sporting event, you are in a competition, and you have to push yourself to win!  There are a couple of obvious differences between this workout and all the others.

1.  Insanity Asylum Game Day is 61 minutes.  The other videos are under 45 minutes.

2.  This has something from every other video.  Youll recognize moves from Speed Agility, Strength, Back to Core, and Vertical Plyo. (Click th

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Once you’re married with children, fitness and weight loss programs often fall by the wayside. Every day is filled with work and more work. In addition to your daily round of housework, cooking and childcare, you probably hold a job outside the home as well.  Busy, busy, busy.and I understand.

It’s no wonder that you collapse onto your bed each night, exhausted from a day spent doing things for others, often at the expense of your own fitness and well being.

Life, however, doesn’t have to be like that. Every day—in small ways—you can make food and exercise choices that will get you back into shape. Over time, Full Article