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ExerciseTV celebrity trainer and New Balance Fitness Ambassador has created a complete fitness program in a single dvd. provides cardio, toning, and yoga routines that can be done in 20 minutes or less. The free workout plan and meal guidelines available online, including a shopping guide, make this a full program.

Cardio 360 and Total Tone 360 both last 20 minutes, while Yoga Energizer 360 lasts for 10 minutes. While it got my heart rate up and engaged my muscles, I was able to complete all three at one time. Although completing the workouts was not difficult for me, I was pretty sore for the next couple of days, proving just how beneficial Fitness 360 can be.

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Compared to not exercising at all, a 10-minute trainer workout is a good workout. And if you choose a flexible and effective 10-minute fitness program, those 10 minutes can go from “good” to awesome fast.

Who Needs a 10 Minute Trainer Workout Program?

If your days are packed with activities and responsibilities from start to finish, a 10-minute workout program is probably the best choice for you. After all, you’re the very person the program was designed for—someone with little time to spend on fitness.

With a 10 minute trainer workout, you can “stack” workouts into your busy day 10 minutes at a time. Sure, a 45-

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