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Usually when people pick out a pair of shoes, they go for two things: the right size and a look that they like. While this may work for a sexy pair of heels or some casual sneaks to wear with jeans, when it comes to fitness shoes, they arent a fashion statement: they are a piece of .

Just like when you invest in equipment for your home gym, everyones needs are different. Someone who works out in a gym is going to need different shoes than someone who prefers to in the sunshine, or someone who prefers a game of pick up basketball is going to have different needs than someone who taking a .

There are a lot of different kinds of shoes you can choose to workout in, but choosing the right type can mean the difference between a comfortable, effective workout, or pain and overuse injuries.

If you run outside, you will of course want a running shoe for proper support.

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The Right Shoes

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If youve been running in the same shoes for years and have had no injuries or complaints about them, keep them.  Be happy you have found a shoe that works. Theres no sense in listening to expert advice that tells you about a better shoe thats out there for you. If the shoe gets you from here to there pain-free, its a winner, no matter what the label; however, if you have recently picked up running, or have been unsatisfied with the shoes youve been wearing, it may be worthwhile looking into what type of arches your feet have and buying running shoes accordingly.

Low Arch

People with low arches, or flat fleet, tend to over-pronate.

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