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The Ultimate Workout on the Go

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“I couldn’t workout out last week; I was on a business trip. The hotel didn’t have a gym!” I’ve heard it a thousand times from my clients and friends—an excuse to get off track and break the exercise habit.

I consider the single, best exercise you can do. They work your muscles from head to toe. If they are tough for you, you can modify them by either elevating your hands on a bed, dresser, step, etc. or do the push-up on your knees.

Wall sits are a great leg workout. Always make sure your knees are behind your toes to avoid injury to the knees. Challenge yourself to a certain amount of seconds. If you are new at this, try to hold the sit for 30 seconds. If you have strong legs, challenge yourself to a two minute wall-sit. Do it two o Full Article

MMA Hammer Workout

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Great conditioning workout with just using a hammer. Check out more videos at and

ESP-XC Elite MMA Workout

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Another great workout with Ed Herman! Check us out at and

ESP-XC Sledge Hammer Workout

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Great conditioning workout! Check us out at and

ESP-XC Power Workout

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Awesome explosive workout with IFL Champ, Ryan Schultz. Check us out at and